About Us

 Ben Dexter is a expert in automotive paint and industrial coatings. He has managed a successful team of industrial coatings and is a wonderful contribution to the Spray-Lining staff. We make sure our dealers are taken care of and get jobs with our powerful marketing. Our marketing consists of Radio and television ads, print publishing, and website creation with search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

A high volume of jobs is brought in for every dealer in our zone because of Spray-Lining and Ben Dexters powerful marketing strategies and workmanship. Quality control is the primary concern of Ben Dexter and his staff and Spray-Lining is proud to have him running Zone Three Distribution.

Rhino and Line-X offers similar advertising, but it is free to all Spray-Lining dealers. Al's( LinerScorpion Coatings) offers DIY Solutions but we beat everybody in cost per square foot, mil height, crystal clear coating, a variety of textures and colors, and much more!